Koda's Kookies

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What can we create for you?


 Madagascar Vanilla- Koda's Signature Vanilla

 Vanilla Bean- Madagascar Vanilla with visible Vanilla Beans

 Toasted Almond- Delicate & fluffy Almond Cake with Ground Almonds

 Chocolate Creme- Triple Chocolate Cake (cocoa, dark & milk) with creamy undertones (reminiscent flavor of an Oreo Cookie)

 Chocolate Ganache- Cocoa Cake with a Ganache dipped top

 Dark Chocolate- Koda's classic Devil's Food

 Red Velvet- Koda's take on a classic

 White Chocolate Chip- Madagascar Vanilla speckled with White Chocolate Chunks

 Carrot Cake- Carrots, Coconut, Walnuts, Red Raisins, White Raisins & Almonds make this a classic you won't forget!

 Zucchini Cake- A green twist on Carrot Cake. Try these as a Frosted Bar!

 Coconut Creme- A Coconut Lover's dream in a fluffy cake

 Chocolate Chip- Madagascar Vanilla speckled with Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

 Koda's Caramel- Rich homemade caramel swirled in Koda's Caramel cake base 

 Creme Brulee- A marble match up of Vanilla Bean & Koda's Caramel

 Turtle- Koda's Caramel & Chocolate Creme Marble and Pecans


 Meyer Lemon- Delicately tart Meyer Lemon Simple Syrup creates this delightful light cake

 Lemon Poppyseed- We take our Meyer Lemon and add plenty of poppyseeds to create a classic

 Key Lime- Tart & Tangy real Key Lime Juice and Zest are added to Coconut Creme

 Orange- Fresh squeezed Orange Juice and Orange Zest combine with Madagascar Vanilla for a refreshing cake

 Orange Mimosa- Sparkling Italian Prosecco is added to our Orange for a perfectly decadent cake

 Strawberry- Fresh Strawberry sauce and puree is added and swirled into our Vanilla Bean

 Raspberry- Raspberry Sauce is swirled into Madagascar Vanilla

 Banana- Real Banana Puree is added to Vanilla Bean

 Blueberry- Rich Blueberry Reduction is swirled into Toasted Almond

 Blackberry- Seedless Blackberry Jam is swirled into Madagascar Vanilla

 Bing Cherry- Cherry Simple Syrup is added to Coconut Cream

 Apple Cinnamon- Koda's own Cinnamon Applesauce and Apple Cider make this a cake you can't resist

 Cranberry- Tangy Cranberry Jam is swirled into Orange

 Grapefruit- Grapefruit reduction is swirled into Coconut Creme

 Watermelon- Watermelon flavoring is added to create a sweet and sour cake

Coffee Shop:

 Espresso- Espresso Syrup & ground Coffee Beans will wake you up and satisfy your coffee addiction

 Mocha Latte- Dark Chocolate & Espresso Marble

 Caramel Latte- Koda's Caramel & Espresso Marble

 Peppermint Mocha- Shamrock Shake & Mocha Latte Marble

 Chai Tea Latte- Spicy Chai Spices blend into Vanilla Bean Base. Try with Cinnamon Pastry Cream!

 Dirty Chai- Espresso & Chai Tea Latte Marble

 Zebra- Mocha Latte & White Chocolate Chip Marble

The Bar: *All contain alcohol*

 RumChata- Cream, Rum & Cinnamon are added to this cake along with RumChata

 Pumpkin RumChata- Just like Pumpkin Cake only better

 Margarita- Tequila & Key Lime Marble. Try with Strawberry Filling!

 Mudslide- Kahula is added to Madagascar Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Marble

 Pina Colada- Pineapple & Spiced Rum is added to Coconut Cream

 Irish Creme- Espresso base is swirled with Irish Cream Vanilla Bean to make you think it is the real thing!

 Amaretto- Reminicent of a Tootsie Roll candy, Amaretto & Madagascar Vanilla make this something special

 Blackberry Brandy- Blackberry Sauce and Blackberry Brandy give this cake a sweet kick

 Mint Mojito- Mint Simple Syrup and Key Lime Cake Base come together for a refreshing treat

 Jamison Sour- Sweet & Sour with some Jamison make this a one of a kind

 Fireball Whisky- Intense Cinnamon Fireball and Apple Cinnamon marble for a Red Hot delight

 Angry Orchard Apple- Just like Apple Cinnamon Cake but with added hard cider

 Guiness- Intense Bittersweet Chocolate and dark stout beer- a dark beer lover's must try!


 Pumpkin- Nutmeg, Cinnamon & Cloves mix nicely with real Pumpkin Puree 

 Egg Nog- Classic Egg Nog and Cinnamon is added to Vanilla Bean

 Candy Cane- Crushed Candy Canes & Chocolate Chips is swirled into Madagascar Vanilla

 Shamrock Shake (mint)- Real Mint Simple Syrup & Madagascar swirl together for taste any Leprechaun will love!

Fun Stuff:

 Pink Camo Vanilla- Madagascar Vanilla layered with white and pink colors to create a camo look

 Green Camo Vanilla- Madagascar Vanilla and Chocolate Creme with shades of green to create a classic camo look

 Zebra Marble- Vanilla Bean & Dark Chocolate create thin layers for trendy Zebra pattern

 Cheetah- Toasted Almond & Caramel blotch together to show a sassy cheetah print



 Pastry Cream- Sweet & creamy Vanilla pudding-like dessert filling made from scratch

 Caramel- Real Caramel Sauce we make to order. Ask about purchasing our sauce by the jar!

 Salted Caramel- Just like our original Caramel but with a sea salt twist

 Chocolate Ganache- Thick & luscious Truffle Chocolate made with Dark Chocolate, Bittersweet Chocolate and Milk Chocolate

 Peanut Butter- Rich and delicious real, all-natural Peanut Butter

 Any Fruit listed as Cakes (as sauces or jams available in season)


Frosting Options:


 Whipped Creme

 Cream Cheese

Koda's Kookies is budget friendly!

Cupcakes: $2 (unless otherwise noted)

Bars & Brownies: 

1"x1": $0.50

2"x2": $1.00

3"x3": $1.50

4"x4": $2.00


Small: $1

Medium: $2

Jumbo: $3

Sheet Cakes (two layers)

  Quarter Sheet (2"x2": Serves 24): $25 (add $5 for filling)

  Half Sheet (2"x2": Serves 54): $55 (add $10 for filling)

Full Sheet (2"x2": Serves 98): $105 (Add $15 for filling)

Round Cakes:


  Two Layers (serves 8): $10

  Three Layers (serves 10): $12

  Four Layers (serves 12): $15


  Two Layers (serves 20): $25

  Three Layers (serves 22): $30

  Four Layers (serves 24): $35


  Two Layers (serves 28): $30

  Three Layers (serves 30): $35

  Four Layers (serves 38): $40


  Two Layers (serves 40): $40

  Three Layers (serves 48): $50

  Four Layers (serves 56): $60


  Two Layers (serves 63): $70

  Three Layers (serves 72): $80

  Four Layers (serves 78): $90

Square Cakes:


  Two Layers (serves 12): $15

  Three Layers (serves 14): $20

  Four Layers (serves 18): $25


  Two Layers (serves 20): $25

  Three Layers (serves 26): $30

  Four Layers (serves 32): $35


  Two Layers (serves 30): $35

  Three Layers (serves 40): $45

  Four Layers (serves 50): $55


  Two Layers (serves 48): $50

  Three Layers (serves 54): $60

  Four Layers (serves 72): $70


  Two Layers (serves 63): $70

  Three Layers (serves 72): $80

  Four Layers (serves 98): $100


Traditional Square Three Tier Cake includes:

6-inch, 10-inch and 14-inch

Serves 148 (not including top "anniversary" cake)

(Rough Frosted) Base Price: $167 

(Rough Frosted) Filled Base Price: $207

(Smooth Frosted) Base Price: $207

(Smooth Frosted) Filled Base Price: $247

(Fondant) Base Price: $334

(Fondant) Filled Base Price: $374

Labor hours needed for design may increase price. 

Contact Koda's for a personalized design consultation.

***Delivery Only (no Pick Ups) for any Tier Cakes. Set up fee ($50) and mileage will be added.**